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  • 2016 Voice of the Wetlands Festival – October 7-8-9

    Voice of the Wetlands was established in 2004 as a volunteer-based non-profit, focused on driving awareness about the loss of the wetlands in southern Louisiana. VOW was started by musician Tab Benoit who was born and raised in Houma, LA - one of the communities born of the wetlands. A coalition of local artists and business leaders recognized the urgency to save their homes and the culture of southern Louisiana.

    Since its inception, VOW has hosted a number of efforts including an annual free, 3-day festival since 2004, and a bold initiative of taking over 50 New Orleans musicians to perform at the 2008 Democratic and Republican National Conventions. In addition, VOW has been represented to the federal government by Tab Benoit during sessions on Capitol Hill in 2008. The sessions focused on the urgency of restoring and the need to preserve the Louisiana wetlands.

    Voice of the Wetlands takes an active role in driving awareness to restore the wetlands from a local to a national level. The organization prides itself in maintaining a mission that addresses all aspects, causes and solutions.

    Voice of the Wetlands is the only cultural preservation and wetlands restoration organization comprised of members who were born and raised and continue to live in the communities created from Louisiana's wetlands.

    GET READY!!! The 2015 Voice of the Wetlands Festival is ONLY A FEW WEEKS AWAY October 9-10-11 - In Houma, LA / Check out this video!!


    Get your Artist signed and numbered 2015 Voice of the Wetlands Festival Poster Here:

    We are proud to announce that Tami Curtis is our 2015 Voice of the Wetlands Festival poster Artist. Most of Tami’s work is based on the rich history, music, culture and nature of Louisiana that she has spent a lifetime learning and loving. Represented in galleries across Southern Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Illinois, and Alabama, her work is now owned by patrons from New York to California. On the 2015 Voice of the Wetlands Festival poster Tami has captured music as a way of life in a colorful wetlands setting. Her use of vibrant earth and jewel tones is sure to make this poster stand out and is great addition for our poster collectors from around the world. Learn more about Tami Curtis by visiting the following website: http://www.tamicurtisstudios.com

    2015 Voice of the Wetlands Posters Signed and Numbered by Artist - $45.00

    2015 VOW Festival Print



    • ACTION


    • See Louisiana Through the Eyes of Musician Tab Benoit

    • American Bird Conservancy

      It is more important to day then ever before that work together and support each other on the issue's that are important to the Wetlands. The Voice of the Wetlands Organization supports the American Bird Conservancy on their mission to protect the Birds that inhabit our coast line and wetlands. Do you enjoy fishing, boating, and playing on the beach? Well, then birds are important to you! Birds are an indication that our environment is healthy, and they are an integral part of a fully functioning ecosystem. Their sounds and presence along the Gulf is all part of the collective experience.

    Voice of the Wetlands – Events of Force Majeure

    Voice of the Wetlands shall not be held responsible for any events of Force Majeure (events or circumstances which are beyond the control and without the fault or negligence of Voice of the Wetlands) including but not limited to:

    Acts of God to include but not limited to adverse weather conditions regardless of severity, flood, fire or other physical natural disaster; and

    Acts of riot, war and hostilities, acts of terrorism, requisition or compulsory acquisition by any governmental or competent authority; and

    Acts of law enforcement for violation of the laws of the United States, the State of Louisiana, the Parish of Terrebonne and/or the City of Houma; and

    Acts of other persons or parties not associated with the Voice of the Wetlands organization whether they be generally permitted acts or forbidden acts by the Voice of the Wetlands organization; and

    Acts and/or physical properties of independent vendors, exhibitors and artists who are allowed by Voice of the Wetlands to exhibit and/or sell wares on Voice of the Wetlands Festival grounds; and

    Sound volume, noises and/or pressure waves caused by musical artistry on the festival grounds as well as aircraft or other aerial devices traveling over the festival area proper whether approved or forbidden.