Exhibitor And Vendor Application

We reserve the right to reject applicants who fail to meet the requirements listed below as
well as prospective applicants whose works do not reflect the caliber or quality already being
presented at the Voice of the Wetlands Festival.
Every application will be reviewed by VOW Coordinators, and if accepted vendors will be
notified within 48 hours of receipt of the application by the Art Market Coordinator.
If declined, vendors will be notified within 72 hours.
Vendors will be notified of assigned spaces 10 business days before the Festival.
Further inquires can be directed to the Art Market Coordinator, Laura A. Browning,

The Art Market of the Voice of the Wetlands seeks new vendor applications from artists creating original and unique works of art and creative goods that reflect the mission of the Voice of the Wetlands, a volunteer-based non-profit, focused on driving awareness about the loss of the wetlands in southern Louisiana.

The Arts Market is part of an outdoor music festival held for three days in October featuring fantastic music along with local artists and creative vendors from the region including but not limited to Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, and Georgia. We are currently accepting applications in all mediums including, but not limited to painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, and textiles.


  • All work must be created solely by the prospective vendor applicant. A minimum of three pictures of the work including one of the booth set-up must be submitted upon request of the Coordinator.
  • 50% or more of the work must be handmade, not commercially acquired or appropriated.
  • All applicants must review and agree to the Rules of the Arts Market prior to submitting a new vendor application.

Application Guidelines:
VOW reserves the right to decline any prospective vendor applicants based on the following criteria:

  • Incomplete vendor application including missing pictures.
  • Direct sales merchandising and the sale of food by vendors is prohibited.
  • If subject matter and/or technique is already thoroughly represented by current Arts Market artists.
  • Failure to complete closeout at previous festivals.

General information:
At check-in, the Vendor packet will include:

  • One parking permit
  • Art Market rules and regulations
  • Parish and state tax form (as a courtesy)
  • Checkout form for VOW
  • Event Evaluation

When can I load in?

Friday at 12:00PM. Please check-in at the Art Market Coordinator Tent for your vendor packet.

When can I load out?

Load out any time after settling with the VOW office for payment of participation fee vendors may load out. It is recommended that you load out after the end of the festival on Sunday night. Please notify the Coordinator when you leave and returning the area to the same condition you received it.


Available on festival grounds as near to the Art Market as feasible. A parking permit will be issued in the Vendor Packet for one vehicle per vendor.

Set up?
(1) Generator power will be available, but vendors bring extension cords and power strips to connect to the power grid.
(2) Tents or canopies will not be provided and vendors must bring their own 10’x10’ tent or canopy. 10’ x 10’ tents must be secured with pegs in the ground and a minimum of a 20-pound weight on each leg.
(3) Tables and chairs will not be provided.
(4) The Art Market is on grass and if it rains, expect a degree of muddiness.

Festival time: Vendors are encouraged to provide full service during festival hours, maintaining staffing throughout.

VOW Fees Collected on site:
(1) The VOW fee is a participation fee of 15% based on the gross sales for the weekend. The source for the gross sales is self-reporting by the vendor/artist. This is collected for the “opportunity” to be on the grounds selling your product.
(2) If fees are not paid at the closeout, a delinquent fee of 1% per day will be assessed until VOW fees are paid. VOW staff will estimate the artist/vendor gross sales if the account is delinquent.

Other Fees to be paid:
(1) Sales taxes must be paid to both the State of Louisiana and the Parish of Terrebonne. VOW will not remit the taxes on your behalf nor will we establish a sales tax account on your behalf. We will provide you with a form in the Vendor packet, but this in no way implies that VOW will collect or remit taxes for a vendor.
(2) Taxes must be paid promptly by the vendor. VOW is required to submit a list of vendors to the taxing authorities. We are not required, nor do we provide your sales figures to the taxing authorities nor will we determine the taxes you are required to pay.
(3) Please contact the Parish (985) 876-3734 or State (855.307.3893) directly if you have questions about sales taxes.

Application Guidelines:
The Art Market of VOW reserves the right to reject any prospective vendor applicants based on the following criteria:
1. Incomplete vendor applications
2. Sales of food, direct sales/marketing
3. If subject matter and/or technique is already thoroughly represented by current Arts Market artists
4. The prospective applicant failed to comply with VOW guidelines and requirements in any previous year.